Inktober 2017: Day 6 (Sword)

Image: Inktober 2017 - Day 6 (Sword)

Part of a bigger concept. Maybe.

I totally messed up the hand in this one, and then again when inking. Shaded the entire hand in an attempt to cover it up. Not a huge fan of the effect, but saves me from having to redo it.

Inktober 2017: Day 9 (Screech)

Image: Inktober 2017 - Day 9 (Screech)

A tired Screech Owl. Or maybe hungover?

And now I'm having flashbacks of the super annoying owl in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

When a good UX design principle meets bad implementation.

Do you want to hear what I said
-> Yes

Inktober 2017: Day 7 (Shy)

Image: Inktober 2017 - Day 7 (Shy)

I am vengeance! I am the night! I am Batman. Fox. Batfox!

I'm starting to think I might have watched one too many nature documentaries. Or maybe too few. For some reason I ended up watching an hour worth of random bat videos on Youtube, and this is the result. It's a Fruit Bat! Also known as a Flying Fox.

I think it came out pretty good. Still having problems with the ink brush, though I'm getting there. Need more wrist control, and less hesitation when drawing lines.

I ended up redrawing this once. I'm stretching my "no retries unless ruined" rule a bit here... The first attempt went pretty OK, until I absentmindedly killed the cornea reflection by filling the eyes completely. Since the eyes/face area was pretty important here, I decided to redo the entire thing.

I inked the entire failed attempt as practice:

Attempt 1

Inktober 2017: Day 8 (Crooked)

Image: Inktober 2017 - Day 8 (Crooked)

A druid cane/staff thing, possibly inspired by this Zelda: OOT arrangement track that was playing in the background.

Tried something simpler this time by drawing an object rather than a critter. I think it came out pretty OK, although I'm still having trouble with the ink brush. A combination of shaky hands and bad technique. I'm also starting to suspect the paper is not ideal, as the ink tends to pool a bit unless I draw so fast the line starts to taper off.

Inktober 2017: Day 4 (Underwater)

Image: Inktober 2017 - Day 4 (Underwater)

Porcupinefish, the happiest looking fish in the sea!

Drew this one last weekend. I tried to cut down the time spent by drawing something moderately simple. Ended up watching youtube clips for half a day, and got lazy when inking. The porcupinefish is just so happy/dopey looking when not puffed up. One of my favourite fish!

Inktober 2017: Day 3 (Poison)

Image: Inktober 2017 - Day 3 (Poison)

Inktober day 3, brought to you by coffee; everyone's favourite poison!

This was the second drawing I inked. I feel this one would have benefitted from more details, though I lack both skills and tools to pull that off.

Lots of perspective issues, but I like the concept. Might have to revisit this in the future!

Inktober 2017: Day 1 (Swift)

Image: Inktober 2017 - Day 1 (Swift)

The thought process behind this one went something like this: Swift->The Tortoise and the Hare->Too boring. Draw the tortoise. The jet pack wasn't originally planned; it suddenly materialized as the Pacific Rim soundtrack started playing. Thanks random playlist!

Participating in Inktober this year was not something I decided to do until a few days into October. At that point I also realized I didn't have any real art supplies at home! This one was drawn with a Pentel Pocket Brush, which I picked up at a local art store. Drawing was never my forte, and most of my drawings past high school have been digital.

I've never held an ink brush in my life, and although I miss the undo functionality of digital art it's been plenty fun so far! Part of my motivation for doing this was not just to give myself an excuse to practice, but also to force myself to showcase art I'm not necessarily proud of.

I decided pretty early on that I would try to timebox it, and only allow retries if I unintentionally ruined the drawing. So far it has really helped me get past this "I can do better, so I'm not going to post it" mentality I've had in the past.

I spent maybe 3-4 hours on this one, although most of that time was due to two failed inking attempts. I'll have to cut that time down significantly if I want to finish this before December.

Failed attempts

My digital drawing habits are mostly to blame for these. "I'm just going to tweak this a bit" is not something that should be attempted during the inking stage. At least not at my current skill level.

I managed to ruin two drawings before I decided to skip some details and just call it done. Some aspects of the previous attempts turned out better, in my opinion. Oh well.

My first two botched attempts:

Attempt 1 Attempt 2

Inktober 2017

It's been more than a year since I started this blog. Time for some actual content!


I'm going to participate in Inktober this year, despite not being very good at this whole art thing. I know, I know, I'm over a week late to the party. Still, I need an excuse to draw more. I also need an excuse to post more art online. I rarely do this, because honestly my skill level is nowhere near where I want it to be.

Of course, my skill level is not where I want it to be, because I don't practice. I don't practice because I'm not motivated. I'm not motivated because I don't get any feedback. I don't get any feedback because I don't showcase my art. And I don't showcase my art because.... Well, it's a bit of a catch-22 situation.

So, my goal with this is not to produce beautiful art. It's to produce something, and post it online. To force myself to draw, and to give myself a baseline I can use to track my progress.

Other than that one time two weeks ago, I can't even remember the last time I truly sat down and did any form of art on actual paper... And I've never held an ink brush in my life, so let's see how this goes!


The official rules of Inktober are:

  1. Make a drawing in ink
  2. Post it online
  3. Hashtag it with #inktober and #inktober2017
  4. Repeat

Since I'm starting a bit late and inking itself is just incidental to my goals, I won't be following the vanilla rules. Instead, I've tweaked the rules a bit:

  1. Produce one inked drawing per day for the duration of October, on average
  2. November 1st is not a hard deadline
  3. Sketch a concept per day
  4. Ink when time allows
  5. Follow the official 2017 prompt list
  6. No theme; draw whatever
  7. Redoing a drawing before posting is only allowed if ruined beyond repair
  8. Rule 1 is a goal, not a criteria for success

Prompt list

Each item will turn into a link as it's completed and uploaded, which may not be in chronological order as I'm trying to catch up.

  1. Swift
  2. Divided
  3. Poison
  4. Underwater
  5. Long
  6. Sword
  7. Shy
  8. Crooked
  9. Screech
  10. Gigantic
  11. Run
  12. Shattered
  13. Teeming
  14. Fierce
  15. Mysterious
  16. Fat
  17. Graceful
  18. Filthy
  19. Cloud
  20. Deep
  21. Furious
  22. Trail
  23. Juicy
  24. Blind
  25. Ship
  26. Squeak
  27. Climb
  28. Fall
  29. United
  30. Found
  31. Mask

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