Inktober 2017: Day 13 (Teeming)

Image: Inktober 2017 - Day 13 (Teeming)

The dragon's lair teemed with toys and trinkets; gifts from the local town.

Based on a stray thought that snowballed into something bigger. Had to stop myself before going too deep into world building territory.

I only used fineliners this time. Don't quite trust myself with an ink brush and these many details.

My process so far has been to start with an idea, then sketch a very crude concept based on that. The concept serves two purposes: to ensure it makes sense visually, and to see if it's possible to pull off within a 1-2 hour timeframe. This one took just over two hours.

The idea started with the sentence "a hoard teeming with gold". However, it was clear before I even started sketching it out that it would be too complex, so I scoped it down to a single treasure chest.

Concept sketch

Around this point my mind decided that it was entirely too cliché, and went on a world building quest. The dragon turned into an orphan, "adopted" by a nearby town, and... I managed to stop myself somewhere between mapping out the geographical area, and fleshing out the history and culture of said town.