Inktober 2017: Day 16 (Fat)

Image: Inktober 2017 - Day 16 (Fat)

"Hi! Wanna play?"

Couldn't sleep, so I'm continuing my struggle with perspective and anatomy, featuring a pudgy gryphon baby (kit, cub?) this time! First one I've ever drawn I think. Normally I would consider this type of drawing way too hard. Turned out surprisingly well, although if I keep staring at it I'll have to throw it away because I keep spotting glaring issues. :(

I had some inking accidents, but decided to use my white ink pen to fix them rather than redoing the entire thing. Turns out that the white ink blends pretty well when smudged. The most exciting thing for me about this drawing is that I didn't use any references for the pose. That is, the entire thing is pretty much from my imagination.

For most other Inktober drawings I've had to find a handful of references that resembles the creature or pose I'm trying to achieve, then look at them when I'm uncertain about perspective and certain details. While this still allows me to get my idea on paper, it can take hours to find references that are close enough, and even then I sometimes struggle filling the gaps; it's both restrictive and frustrating.

Being able to draw purely from imagination is one of my goals. Maybe not as a result of this year's Inktober, but it's something I want to be able to achieve.